Long before Egypt became the country it is today, it was known as Kemet, or the Black Land. Millennia after the Great Pyramids were built but fifteen centuries before the time of Cleopatra, came a ruthless invasion of outlandersthe Amuwho crushed the advanced civilization of Kemet.

“The Rise of the Black Land” trilogy examines the creation of Egypt’s Golden Empire, yet it is also the story that brings to life the other side of the biblical Exodus. This is a story that lay hidden for over 3000 years beneath desert sands and contradicts much of what we’ve been taught for the past two millennia.

The trilogy follows the lives of two real princes, Ahmose and the distinguished general Naphiret, before, during and after the war for independence. Despite their families’ deeply rooted rivalry, these two great visionaries and leaders ally to defeat the powerful Semitic invaders who had enslaved their people, the Kemety. It is through their eyes that we witness the liberation and unification of the Black Land and the launching of a revolution that for many centuries would solidify the nation’s union and introduce an earthshaking concept—the holy trinity.

Over the course of the three books, an empire is born out of the ashes of a brutal invasion and ruthless liberation. It is that empire that left us the extraordinary legacy of papyrus, stone and gold—the greatest treasures of the ancient world. Based on careful and legitimate research, there is also exploration of the identity of the Biblical pharaoh, the cause of the Ten Plagues, the fall of Atlantis,—the Minoan Empire—and the founding of a refugee’s town—Jerusalem—the very town, that in its turn, changes the world.

But behind these milestones of history is the tale of real people, their courage, ambition, passion, rivalry, and, most importantly, their self sacrifice.


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