An epic trilogy “The Rise of the Black Land” is the story of a time we call the New Kingdom. It left us the greatest treasures of the ancient world, an extraordinary legacy in papyrus, stone and gold. But behind these treasures lays the tale of the real people. People like Ahmose, the prince of Egypt who challenged the mighty Hyksos Empire. And others like the Invincible, an ordinary soldier who became a legend in his time and princess Nefertari, whose innovative religious concepts shook the very grounds of the antiquity.

With historical precision, the trilogy covers the Liberation War in Egypt, the first exodus from Egypt made by the ancestors of the Jewish nation, the religious revolution that helped to unite the newly liberated lands as well as the unparallel technological advancements of Ahmose’s secret political ally… the Empire of Atlantis! Prince Ahmose’s triumph over his enemy – the foreign invaders that ruthlessly exploited his homeland for over 150 years – begins Egypt’s Golden Empire. The ultimate defeat of Hyksos leads to the creation of a small refugee’s town – Jerusalem – the very town destined to change the world.

The trilogy is dedicated to the ingenious nation of Kemet, the Black Land, the land we nowadays call “Egypt”.