The Rise of the Black Land Trilogy

“The Rise of the Black Land” is an epic tale about the unification of Egypt and the beginning of its Golden Empire. It also uncovers for the first time an alternative account of the Biblical Exodus story, told from the point of view of the Egyptians. This is a story that has lain hidden for over 3000 years beneath desert sands. It is a decidedly different version of history from what has been taught in the Judaeo-Christian tradition until now.

This trilogy, which has a basis in historical documents, follows the lives of two princes of Kemet, the former name of ancient Egypt: Ahmose, the earthy and brilliant young leader, and Naphiret a distinguished and courtly general and rival to the throne, before, during and after their war for independence from the powerful Semitic invaders who had oppressed their people. It is largely through their eyes that we witness the liberation and unification of the Black Land and the launching of a revolution that would introduce an era of greatness and an earthshaking concept—the holy trinity.

Over the course of this trilogy, a powerful empire is born out of the ashes of a brutal invasion and ruthless liberation. Known today as the New Kingdom, one of the most memorable periods of ancient Egyptian civilization, whose breathtaking monuments and treasures created from papyrus, stone and gold still astonish us today.

Based on painstaking research, the identity of the Biblical pharaoh comes to life, the nature of the Ten Plagues, the fall of Atlantis,—the Minoan Empire—and the founding of a refugee’s town—Jerusalem—the very place that in its turn, changes the world. Behind these momentous events is the story of real people and their courage, ambition, passion, rivalry, and, most importantly, their self sacrifice.